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COVID Problems

As you can imagine in 2020, a year mostly influenced by a disease we know almost nothing about and a lockdown in spring, more quarantine and lockdown rules came at the beginning of winter.

First, again, concerts, theatres, exhibitions, libraries etc. were cancelled or had to close for the public.

Secondly, travelling became more difficult again, so my great Baritone could not come anymore.

Thirdly, suddenly the pianist had no time to spare…


After working so hard on all aspects except for rehearsing together, I really didn’t want to cancel the performance. I started asking around and brainstorming ideas.

Luckily my friends – the best friends you could ever wish for – wanted to help.

Together we decided to transform the theatre into a film.

For that the music had to be ready first. I called the pianist and begged him to record everything. With lots of encouragement and lots of begging, in the end we got most of the music from him. However, some of the pieces were missing and some came just one day before the filming was planned. Still, it had to do. So, as soon as I got that, I sent it to the baritone and he started recording his voice on the pianist’s tracks, while I did the same with mine.

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