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Finally a Blog on my own Website

I've started writing blogs several times, but always stopped after a while. This mainly because of two reasons:

  1. I never believe what I have to say is worthwhile.

  2. I just don't seem to get any readers.

The first blog I ever wrote was about my project Salon Bruch Stein and can still be read on:

After that, I really stopped sharing everything - even though I kept on dabbling for myself. Then I started my own Blog called Quirina's Tales, which is about my projects. I try to explain the steps needed from the idea of a project to the end of it. Again I started writing it on, however, after 11 posts and absolutely no reader, I finally decided it time to put everything on my website. After all, you are looking at a multilayered person, who you would like to know better - I assume. Why else would you be on my website?

So, from today onwards, I will first bring you some of the ideas I already wrote about - newly revised, of course - before I hope to go on with new, hopefully interesting and helping, content.

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