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language - lungatg - taal - langue - lingua - Sprache

I’ve been thinking about the #language of #socialmedia and which language to use for #posts.

1. using #english would be the more natural way for sharing on media, since it is the most spoken language with about 1,132 million speakers around the world (2020).

Do you, however, reach a higher audience using English instead of your first language?

2. using #romontsch would probably reach much less visibility, since there are only about 60‘000 people speak it actively. Since it is one of my first languages though, shouldn’t I use it here - at least to increase the number?

3. #vlaams is my mother‘s first language and has had a lot of influence on me. Should that be what I use for my shares then?

4. Since I learned #français at school for years and it has been a lingua franca if West Europe for most of the 20th century, it should still be important, or shouldn’t it?

5. #italiano - one of the most important languages in opera, a language I sing a lot, a language that stayed close to Latin which influenced many European languages - should be more prominent, don’t you think?

6. #deutsch, the other lingua franca of the 20th century, another opera language, spoken by about 130 million people, cannot be forgotten, can it?

Should we start with #multilingual posts?

Which languages should then be used?

I can’t follow the graphs of the most spoken languages in the world, because I don’t know any Chinese, Hindi or Arabic, which are in the top 6, next to English, Spanish and French.

So what am I to do? Any #ideas?

#photo Bruno Kaufmann

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