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And it’s ready! YAY!

Finally, after organizing, funding, writing, recording, filming and cutting, it is done: You have an end product (at least for the moment).

Now the question is: How to get an audience?

I must confess, I’m really bad at this!

I have an email list, a website, a YouTube account and I use social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, however, just because you send emails and post it, it doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to watch your film, look at your posts and most importantly like, share and comment.

So, what do you do?

I always start the same way – which again probably is not the best way to do it – by sending emails to and calling journalists I know. Whether they work at a newspaper, a radio station or a TV station, I just get in touch with as many as I can.

Then, usually, there is some kind of positive answer (if you’re lucky) and either they do something with your info – e.g. copy & paste your press text – or they send you a contact to get in touch with.

For “Dinner for a Diva” it was the latter.

So, I got in touch with the director of the TV station.

He again referred me to someone else, who again referred me to the next person.

This last guy was very kind indeed and decided on an interview for their online plattform.

So asked, so done. We had the interview on Zoom. He asked his questions, I tried to answer as well as possible.

The end product is a combination of my answers and short scenes of the film, all in all about 5 minutes long or short – however you prefer to label it.

Depending on your audience, five minutes can be too long or too short. Too long, if they’re used to consume very quickly – e.g. just look at photos and Instagram or snapchat clips – too short, if they want to get to know you.

Even though I would have liked to have some more scenes and singing in there, I believe five minutes were perfect. They gave enough info to build onto curiosity, but not as much as to make looking at me boring. All in all, the interview was viewed – if I saw this correctly – about 3500 times, which is not bad for me.

The film, however, did not get that many views.

So, again, I had to think about possible ways to make it more interesting and at least show more scenes to more people. I decided to take out various short cuts of 1-3 minutes to post on social networking sites. Then I made a ‘teaser’ of about 11 minutes to show my favourite parts and again post it wherever possible. I don’t know, whether this helped, but maybe you can tell me?


Full Film:

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