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The start of an art and music room

Maybe you‘ve already heard: I‘m opening „Scala Trun“ an #art and #music room in #Trun, #Switzerland.

Together with my partner, the great artist Gianin Conrad, the idea to once again give an opportunity to bring art and music to public as well as work with new artists arose.

A few years ago, we already had such an experimental collaboration with „Salon Bruch Stein“. There we wanted to create a place combining art, music and theatre; with main focus on the collaboration of two or three of the arts. On many of our successful presentations can be watched or read about. Because we had to give up the room itself (the entire building was brought down), we couldn‘t continue our projects.

Scala Trun is an artist run space that wants to create a discussion between regional, national, as well as international artists, a dialogue between various arts - mainly music and contemporary art - and a discourse between artists and audience.

Our eye fell on Truns for various reasons:

  1. Trun is an art centre, having been the hometown of two very important artists of the 20th century and of this part of Switzerland: Matias Spescha, who in his youth even worked at the factory, and Alois Carigiet, painter of the „Ursli“ books.

  2. Trun is interested in music. Various well known musicians from the area grew up and live in or often return to the village.

  3. There is a great factory, with unused halls and affordable prices.

Why music and art?

The answer is very easy. Gianin comes from art and I from music. Together we can achieve more than alone. We‘re both experts in our field, know people in it and around it. We‘ve always enjoyed working together and coming up with new things, both in the category of art and music. Together we‘ve produced music theatre and #concerts, as well as art #performances and #exhibitions.

Now, I‘m really looking forward to collaborate again and combine our fields once more.

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