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My last project – how it all began

Today, I want to start putting to "paper" the story of my latest project: Dinner for a Diva.

It is a tale that starts in a time I was feeling down and really horrible. I felt useless and after months of having had to cancel almost everything I’d been working for, I started feeling depressed. One evening – while being in the tub with my partner, but having nothing really to talk about – he finally suggested, I should start a new project, one still for 2020.

OK, it was the beginning of September and it seemed as if the tiring times would come to an end. Still, it seemed a long time away. Travelling was again possible – to a certain extend at least. So, I thought why not… but what? What could you do on a New Year’s Eve?

My partner’s suggestion was short: “Dinner for One”.

I don’t know about you, but I had never heard of that (he of course was shocked I hadn’t), so I googled it.

“Dinner for One”, is a comedy sketch by Lauri Wylie, a British author. It was recorded in black-and-white in 1963, performed by Freddie Frinton and May Warden, both British comedians. Apparently here in Switzerland it has become a tradition to watch it on New Year’s Eve. According to Wikipedia, however, it was first aired in the UK only in 2018.

“Dinner for One” is about Miss Sophie celebrating her 90th birthday. Unfortunately, her four invited guests died years ago, which means her butler has to play their roles. There are many amusing running gags and it’s absolutely charming. If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it:

Since I’m not fond of taking a theatre, a sketch or an opera as it is (at least not for my own projects), I decided to transform it into an opera…

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